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Anchor Removals Employers of the year – Runners up


Ethical employer Anchor Removals leads the way

Britannia Anchor Removals in Salford was runner up in the Best Employer category at the 2017 Salford Business Awards.

The accolade recognises Anchor’s trailblazing commitment to social responsibility and its accreditation as a Living Wage Employer, paying employees a real living wage of £8.45.

The removals industry is renowned for its hard physical work, unpredictable hours and generally poor treatment of employees. Anchor has no staff on zero hour contracts. All employees enjoy full-time, 40-hour contracts and are paid through a proper PAYE tax system rather than by cash. Staff are also engaged in company decisions through regular meetings across the organisation.

The innovative approach has been applauded by the company’s customers and helped Anchor Removals outperform the market. “The customers love it,” says Sales Manager Martin Edmondson. “They are big supporters of the Living Wage, and it is a massive positive for them that we only use full-time employees. We have gone from strength to strength. It is a fantastic selling point for us. I am convinced that we are converting quotes into jobs as a result.”

Benefits of being a Living Wage employer

“The truth is that well paid, well looked after staff means totally engaged and committed employees, leading to the delivery of high quality work,” says company Director Chris Smallwood, who is one of the industry’s leading advocates for corporate social responsibility.

Martin, who originally trained as a general porter and moved on to becoming a surveyor then export consultant before he joined Anchor Removals, says the Living Wage has also helped create a real sense of dedication and engagement with the job. “I’ve worked in the industry for near on twenty years, and I can say that this is one of the best teams I have worked in,” he says. “We have regular meetings and Chris encourages us to see how we can turn any concern or negative feeling into a positive by the end of the meeting. We have become a close-knit unit, with a lot of passion for what we do.”

Britannia Anchor clearly has ambitions to lead the way to a more responsible and sustainable industry; the company works with a number of local and national charities and with local sporting institutions, and has built strong ties with the Salford community. “Our commitment to social responsibility is a big part of who we are as a company and is also helping us grow our business,” Chris says. “It is an honour for this to be recognised in the Salford Business Awards.”

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