This is vitally important customer information and we hope it allows you to plan ahead. #Coronavirus #Covid-19 has changed the world as we know it and the impact on the removals and storage industry will be substantial. Experts say that the virus may require control by social distancing for as many as 18 months or until a vaccine is found. Although temporarily suspended, the housing market will return and you need to know that whoever you hire for your removals services are safe and taking every precaution to be free of this terrible virus and that they will keep your family safe. So we have put together this little easy to follow guide to minimise the risk to you and your family. 

  1. During any service we provide (including surveys), all customers must ensure they remain at least 2 metres from our teams, whilst always being available to be approached by our staff with questions relating to the operational side of your move and making sure we meet your needs.
  2. We will provide our teams with sanitizer and PPE. We would be grateful if you can provide sufficient amounts of soap, water, towels and / or hand sanitizer that is constantly and readily available throughout the operation.
  3. Please clean all surfaces in your home with anti- virus wipes in preparation for our teams arrival to carry out your move, this includes door handles.
  4. On the day we arrive at your property (whether it is for a survey or an operational move) there must be NO MORE than two people in the property other than our staff.
  5. Please ensure there are no pets, children or vulnerable adults in the property at any time whilst any of our staff are present.
  6. If you knowingly come into contact with anyone displaying the symptoms of Covid 19, or if you are displaying the symptoms yourself, we cannot attend your move and our terms and conditions will be adhered to.
  7. We will provide floor protection and mattress covers to minimize the risk of virus getting onto surfaces.
  8. If, after we have completed your move you or anyone in your household starts displaying symptoms of Covid 19 – please notify us immediately.
  9. Once the removals service is completed, please clean all surfaces with anti-bacterial wipes.

 Although costs for our services have risen substantially since the outbreak, if we have already provided you with a quotation we will honour the price where possible, check with our office for confirmation.These are strange times indeed and we are here to help you and want to make sure that everyone stays safe and healthy. For the details of the symptoms of COVID 19 please visit