Moving the contents of your home can be logistically very difficult, with a minefield of issues to contend with from packing, safe loading, insurance to timing access to your new home to meet with the requirements of legal completion. Here at Britannia Anchor, we are dedicated to ensuring we guide you through all the pit falls, tailoring the logistics of your move to avoid unexpected delays, costs and removing hassle from the whole process. Our experience stands out, our team members who deal with you from the outset have from 14 to 25 years experience in the industry, with direct access to the Managing Director as it should be!

Anchor Removals is owned by Chris Smallwood and he is a shareholder in Britannia Movers International, making us the only co-operative in the industry. This gives you the family business close relationship and hands on control, with a multi branch support network of a big company.

When relocating within the European Union the cost for shipping is based predominantly on volume (the amount of space you take up in a lorry to transport your effects). To assess the volume we normally arrange for a trained, professional surveyor to visit your home, this service is offered free of charge and without obligation.

We can offer a professional packing service for china, glass, books and personal effects into industry standard, high quality boxes using the right grade materials to minimize risk of damage in transit. You can pack yourselves, we can arrange for the materials to enable you to prepare your effects properly and securely for the journey ahead.


The normal practice for European shipments is to send the goods on a part load basis in conjunction with other consignments, this does mean that delivery will be on mutually convenient dates, but the cost is comparatively low as all the charges for ferries, fuel, labour and road tolls are shared.

We can arrange delivery on dates that are specific to you, this would mean you bear the full amount for all costs associated with such a process and it can work out as a more costly exercise.


All shipments are accompanied by an inventory, our team will number list and label every item of furniture and all boxes. They will then create a detailed inventory, noting any pre-transit marks or scratches, should there be any. This inventory will stay with your shipment throughout the journey to your new home and will be used by customs authorities to assist with clearance procedures.

Customs Information

For the EU you are not required to complete a customs form as there is free movement of goods between EU states. There are some restrictions such as we are unable to carrying paints, flammables and chemicals for further information please visit our website or follow us on twitter and facebook. / /

Helpful Tips Upon Delivery

We must stress that damages on shipping jobs are extremely rare, not least of all because of the outstanding packing service we provide at the collection country. However, in the highly unlikely event of problems at destination it is vital to keep an accurate record of events, should you need to make a claim. Insist on ticking the inventory sheet and check all goods have arrived. Make sure you have a digital camera to hand to photograph anything out of the ordinary (crushed boxes, torn wrapping etc.). In the unlikely event of damages, please make sure you photograph all damaged items and note then on the delivery note BEFORE the delivery staff left your new home. Our agents will contact you when arranging delivery, please insist with them that you will want a full unpacking service (even if you don’t).

Insurance Coverage

Britannia is proud of their ability to deliver a high quality low risk service. However as with all shipments, risk of damage is always there and you may require suitable protection. We are able to offer you our insurance coverage to your preferred value and level, pleasecontact us for more details.

Paperwork required

1. The acceptance part of your quotation
2. A shipping instruction form.
3. Insurance Form
4. A colour copy of your passport (the main page and visa)

Our goal is to assist and help you through what can be a stressful time through our expertise and experience in all aspects of relocation, please feel free to call us should you have any questions or wish to arrange a pre-removal survey


Transporting weekly around the world to all major destinations

Australia, New Zealand, Canada, U.S.A., Middle East and Far East

Moving across the world can be a daunting task, but with the professionalism and experience of Britannia Anchor Removals Ltd, you can relax and let us take the stress away. As one of the most prolific shipping providers in th United Kingdon, we oversee worldwide shipping removals on a weekly basis, making sure your possessions are cared for and handled with tender loving care! We arrange full and part load shipments, guiding you through the paperwork and arranging a full door to door service. With our european removals service We even arrange in customs clearance and delivery at your destination.

Please find below useful links to the customs websites of our most popular destinations, for free help and advice.

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Customs forms

General custom forms for USA

USA form instructions: click here

USA Power of Attorney: click here

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General custom forms for Australia

Australian custom form: click here