There are lots of things you need to know about shipping overseas:

Moving the contents of your home can be logistically very difficult, with a minefield of issues to contend with from packing, safe loading, insurance to customs clearance, customs paperwork and safe delivery at your destination. Here at Britannia Anchor, we are dedicated to ensuring we guide you through all the pit falls, tailoring the logistics of your move to avoid unexpected delays, costs and removing hassle from the whole process. Our experience stands out, our team members who deal with you from the outset have from 14 to 25 years experience in the industry, with direct access to the Managing Director as it should be!

Anchor Removals is owned by Chris Smallwood and he is a shareholder in Britannia Movers International, making us the only co-operative in the industry. This gives you the family business close relationship and hands on control, with a multi branch support network of a big company.

How do you work out our price?

Prices are based predominantly on volume and prices quoted are based on a full packing service, with shipment by container sea freight, including customs clearance, delivery to residence, with unpacking and taking away used wrapping materials. The price quoted can change due to fluctuations in the prices of currency and oil.

What does it exclude?

Prices exclude quarantine fees, customs duties, taxes, storage charges, demurrage, delivery above 1st floor and any requirement of specialist trades people such as joiners, plumbers etc. All goods to be shipped must have been owned and used for at least 12 months prior to shipment and you must have a relevant visa in place.

What does it include?

Full Export wrapping and Packing Service

Our quotation includes the specialised packing of your small possessions before they are moved from your home, this will provide maximum protection and minimise the risk to your belongings whilst they are being moved. Small personal effects will be individually wrapped and professionally packed into strengthened cartons, using white paper and where required acid free tissue paper or bubble pack. For furniture or large items loading into sea freight containers, a full export wrapping service is arranged, this will involve wrapping furniture with paper lined, non-sweat bubble protection and where required over carding with corrugated card and lining with a foam protection. This provides the ultimate in wrapping services, giving complete protection for the journey ahead. Our specialist, fully trained team will require four days to complete the packing phase of your shipment (including loading time).


All shipments are accompanied by an inventory, our team will number list and label every item of furniture and all boxes. They will then create a detailed inventory, noting any pre-transit marks or scratches, should there be any. This inventory will stay with your shipment throughout the journey to your new home and will be used by customs authorities to assist with clearance procedures.

Container Shipment

We offer a weekly service to many worldwide locations for sole and shared use container sea freight shipment. Once the packing and preparation of your shipment is completed our team will load your household furniture and effects into a container outside your home where possible or placed into consolidation until a container can be filled. Once loaded into the container it is then transported to the most suitable port of exit for shipment.

Destination Services

Upon arrival at the destination port the local customs, security and quarantine will inspect your shipment. This inspection includes checking for contraband, dirty or unclean items and items duty chargeable such as alcohol or new items. The inspection can take up to 14 days and please then allow a further 7 days for delivery to be arranged and completed. Upon delivery our chosen agents will arrange for a full unpacking service of all items packed at collection and will display your small items onto a flat surface to ensure everything has arrived in good order.

Quarantine fees

Australia and New Zealand will charge you quarantine fees, these are payable at destination.

These charges are based on inspection of your shipment, however they can increase the amount inspected and charge you accordingly. Any items not cleaned to a satisfactory level will incur additional charges for cleaning or disposal.

Helpful Tips Upon Delivery

We must stress that damages on shipping jobs are extremely rare, not least of all because of the outstanding packing service we provide at the collection country. However, in the highly unlikely event of problems at destination it is vital to keep an accurate record of events, should you need to make a claim. Insist on ticking the inventory sheet and check all goods have arrived. Make sure you have a digital camera to hand to photograph anything out of the ordinary (crushed boxes, torn wrapping etc.). In the unlikely event of damages, please make sure you photograph all damaged items and note then on the delivery note BEFORE the delivery staff left your new home. Our agents will contact you when arranging delivery, please insist with them that you will want a full unpacking service (even if you don’t).

Insurance Coverage

Britannia is proud of their ability to deliver a high quality low risk service. However as with all shipments, risk of damage is always there and you may require suitable protection. We are able to offer you our insurance coverage to your preferred value and level, please refer to the pack provided on a separate e-mail.

Customs Information

For all destinations, you must have owned and used the items you are shipping for at least 12 months and have a full residents or work visa for duty free entry. You are required to complete a customs form for most destinations, we will endeavour to guide you through any forms that are required for completion. Please feel free to call us if you require any advice or visit our country guides by clicking here

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