Mission: To exceed our customer’s expectations, care for our team and

deliver for society.

Our commitment to our staff:
Be respectful – zero tolerance of discrimination and bullying
Deliver a SAFE working environment
Paid the living wage
Pension rights
Insurance against injury at work
Engage in company decisions
Demonstrate family values

Our commitment to our clients:
Listen to your needs
Communicate well
Find best practice ways for service delivery
Manage costs and be innovative with delivery of service
Deliver above your expectations
Engage with you after service delivery
Deal fairly and promptly with problems and issues
Record performance levels

Our commitment to the Community and Environment:
Employment of 100% within 15 miles of our operating base in Salford
Deliver and support programmes that address economic inequalities within society
Reduce our carbon footprint
Demonstrate our ability to engage with young people in the community and measure our impact
Pay over the living wage demonstrating our willingness to invest in our people
Work with Reuben’s Retreat to help them support those suffering bereavement within our society
Support our local voluntary sporting institutions with physical, technical and financial help.